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Regulatory Crime

When breaching professional rules becomes criminal


The line between an allegation of professional misconduct and one of criminal behaviour can be blurred.

If you have been accused of fraud, negligence or professional regulatory misconduct relating to your employment, we will provide expert advice. We can help with investigations, attend interviews and represent you at a tribunal or in court.

Covering a variety of fields

In our work defending alleged regulatory crimes, we represent businesses, professionals, landlords, restaurants and more. If you’ve been targeted by the environment agency, the medicines agency, HMRC tax prosecution, trading standards or a health and safety executive, you don’t stand alone. We’ll do everything in our power to get the accusation disproved.
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Liability for your employees

Concerned that you might have to take the fall for the actions of one of your employees? We can advise you on whether or not you are legally responsible for their actions. If you have to fight, we’ll fight beside you.

Ever more complex regulations

Regulations tend to get stricter as time goes on. We keep our research up to date so that we’re aware of the latest changes, giving us the best chance of getting you and your company acquitted.
If you’ve been accused of not meeting medical regulations, we can help.
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