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Have you been accused of a crime?

Whether it’s a simple traffic offence or a complex case like murder or fraud, Bishop and Light Solicitors is here to protect you from miscarriages of justice.
As one of the highest-ranked solicitors’ offices in England and Wales, our expertise and skill in the court-room has saved thousands from an unfair fate. Now it’s time we helped you too.

At the police station

We aim to win our cases as soon as possible, and many times that victory happens right after an arrest, at the police station.
If you know someone who has just been arrested or fear that you may be brought in for questioning, call us on 07980 306 446. Our free legal advice is available 24/7 across the country.

In court

If your case is brought before a judge and jury, we stand ready to support and defend you. Our services are available to everyone, whether you’re a legal aid or private client.
We have a 97% satisfaction rating in consultation and in court and have particular expertise in criminal law and mental health tribunals.
We have offices in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Worthing.

For a robust and effective defence, call us now on 01273 732 733

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