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Protecting prospects

A small mistake in your early years can have far-reaching consequences. A young person’s reputation is important and if it’s not defended, their future prospects will suffer.

Youths are exposed to a huge variety of influences, and not all of them are good.

If you, a family member or someone in your care has been accused of a crime, seek legal advice. We have experience of dealing with young people at the Youth Courts, including those with challenging behaviour and mental health problems. We can deal with all cases, from minor matters to the most serious.
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Specialists in vulnerable clients

Young people, and in particular those with learning difficulties or mental health issues, should be represented by a solicitor. We will stand beside them, to make sure that they’re not being taken advantage of, and to make sure that their disabilities are taken into account.

Access to psychiatric experts

We have unrivalled expertise in Sussex in representing vulnerable young clients. We have access to leading child psychiatrists and psychologists, whose testimonies can be essential in avoiding a guilty verdict.
If you’ve had something confiscated, we can get it back for you.
We have offices in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

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