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DBA (Disclosure And Barring Agency)

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The Disclosure and Barring Agency (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau) has an important and valuable role.

Protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our society, a DBS/CRB certificate can demonstrate that you are trustworthy enough for a new job and put minds at ease.
But it can also unfairly rule you out of employment, at no fault of your own.

Challenge your certificate

Have you ever been wrongly accused of a crime, and proved innocent? The sad truth is that it can still come back to bite you by appearing on your DBS certificate. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it. You can challenge the information included on your certificate and avoid your potential employers seeing irrelevant information that could turn them against you.
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DBS certificates

A standard DBS certificate contains convictions and cautions, anything for which you are guilty in the eyes of the law. But an enhanced DBS certificate goes farther, detailing anything the DBA decides is relevant, including acquittals and disproved allegations.

Keeping up with the law

The procedures at the DBA are complex and the laws are always changing. We keep at the forefront of these changes, making sure that we’re well-acquainted with all the updates so that we can give you the best chance of getting that information removed.
Want to appeal against a past prosecution? We can defend cold cases of sex crimes.
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