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Benefit fraudaccusations


Are you being prosecuted for benefit fraud?

Many people accused of benefit fraud have had no involvement in the criminal justice system. We understand how stressful these investigations and prosecutions can be.


If you’re suspected of benefit fraud, you may be interviewed by the Department for Work and Pensions, the council and even the police. These interviews can be very intimidating, making it easy for the authorities to back you into a corner. Don’t struggle alone; let professional benefit fraud solicitors represent you and make sure that you get the best chance.
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Confidentiality assured

We treat all advice in the strictest confidence. We will endeavour to have your case dealt with away from the public glare of the courts. We try to have cases diverted away from prosecution.

Seeing your case through

We’re experts in quick resolutions, so an interview with the DWP is often all it takes. If it gets all the way to court, we’ll represent you there. We are experts in mitigation and if you plead guilty or are found guilty, we will strive to ensure you receive the lowest punishment available.
We can defend against accusations of any kind of fraud.
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