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Drug and Alcohol Offences

Drug and alcohol charges


Have you been accused of a drug offence?

We have vast experience of representing people accused of drug offences, from simple possession to large-scale importation of drugs and conspiracy to supply or import drugs, involving millions of pounds. With access to world drug experts and leading pharmacologists, we are in a perfect position to defend you.

Have drugs or alcohol caused you to commit an offence?

We understand that many offences are committed when people are under the influence of drink or drugs. We will get you help to deal with these issues and persuade the Courts to offer rehabilitation as an alternative to punishment.
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Criminal activity online

Many people commit crimes because they’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, sometimes to get money to buy more drugs and sometimes because their thinking has been affected by the drugs. This addiction is often the key to keeping you out of prison.


We have good working relationships with support workers and rehabilitation centres. We are proactive in assisting you in getting the help you need.
We’re also experts at defending drink driving cases.
We have offices in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

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