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Public Order/Protests

Preservingyour right to free speech


Everyone in the UK has a right to free speech, which includes the right to peaceful protest.

People are often arrested during peaceful protests. We are experts at defending your human rights, including your right to protest and free speech.

Experts in police powers

Public order offences can often be challenged by turning the attention back on the police. We regularly question police officers about what powers they can legally use and when, as well as how much force they can use and when they can use captor spray, restraint handcuffs and Tasers. If they broke their own rules, we can turn the tables on them.
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Public order disruption

While many of our cases involve protestors, we can defend any kind of public order offence. From disturbing your neighbour to being involved in a football riot or organised violence, we can protect you from overzealous prosecution.

Finding evidence

With large protests and riots, it’s easy for the police to miss the proof of your innocence in CCTV footage. We’re proactive in getting evidence like CCTV footage and eye-witness accounts, thus clearing your name.
We also have a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with youth cases.
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