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Protectingman’s best friend


Your connection to your pet may be one of the most valuable relationships in your life.

Being accused of mistreating your pet, or being told it’s a danger to human safety, must be absolutely devastating. We’ll do everything we can to prove that you and your pet are innocent, so that you can keep your companion with you always.

Animal cruelty

No matter how much you look after your pet, just one call to the RSPCA can turn your world upside down. A prosecution could mean a lifelong ban on owning animals, which is why it’s so important to come to us for a successful defence. Our animal behaviour experts can assess your pet, providing witness statements that your pet isn’t being abused.
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Dangerous dogs

If your dog has been taken away from you on the grounds that it’s dangerous, come to us. Even if your dog has attacked someone, we may be able to persuade the Court not to destroy your dog. We have access to animal behaviour experts, who may be able to give positive evidence about your dog.

Reuniting you with your pet

The fight may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth it when you’re allowed to take your pet home again. We’ve ensured that hundreds of pets are returned to their acquitted owners and prevented many supposedly dangerous dogs from being destroyed.
Sometimes a dangerous pet can involve you in a case of negligence, or even manslaughter.
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