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Have you been issued with a fixed penalty?

If the police have given you a fixed penalty for speeding or another offence, you don’t have to accept it. With professional help, you can challenge the allegation. It is better to pay for help than lose your licence and livelihood.

Range of driving offences

We are experts with experience of defending all types of driving offences, from speeding or using a mobile phone to causing death by dangerous driving.
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For most offences, the Court will impose penalty points on your licence or disqualify you from driving. We will work to minimise this penalty.

Challenging evidence

With our expert knowledge of police powers, we know how to challenge police evidence. We can get expert evidence of our own to demonstrate your innocence. That’s one of the reasons we have a reputation as the go-to traffic solicitors in the Brighton area.
Find out what happens when your penalty points build up.
We have offices in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

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