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Penalty Points and Disqualification

Punishmentsfor driving offences

years' combined

If you’re convicted of a driving offence, you could face a range of punishments.

The sentence usually involves a combination of a fine and points on your licence. This may seem like something you can brush off, but if you get too many points, you’ll lose your licence. That could mean losing your transport and sometimes your whole way of life.

Minimising penalties

We are experts at explaining your mitigation in the best way. The experience and knowledge of our advocates can ensure that you get the fewest possible points on your licence or the shortest disqualification.
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Collecting penalty points

Are you close to getting 12 points in a 3 year period? This is called totting up and you’re close to losing your licence for 6 months.
If you passed less than two years ago, just 6 penalty points can see you going through all those tests again.

Avoiding disqualification

Even if you have 12 points, you can avoid disqualification. We can help you show the Court you have mitigating factors that mean they should not disqualify you, or at least shorten your disqualification.
Magistrates may also decide not to disqualify you if doing so would cause you exceptional hardship.
We’ll support you and defend you against charges of speeding or drink driving.
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